Section3 Program

Section 3 Program

Richmond: Virginia's Working Capital

Provided for by the 1968 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act, Section 3 is designed to boost local economic development, neighborhood improvement, and individual self-sufficiency. Financial assistance provided by HUD requires that businesses provide job training, employment, and contracting opportunities for low-income neighborhood residents.

What kind of business can take advantage of HUD funding?

To become a section 3 business and take advantage of HUD funding, you must:

  • Be owned 51% or more by section 3 residents
  • Employ section 3 residents for at least 30% of your full-time, permanent staffing needs
  • Commit to subcontracting with section 3 workers and/or businesses for 25% or more of the HUD funding amount

HUD funds are available for housing and community development projects, including housing rehabilitation, construction, development, operating, and modernization expenses.

Who are Richmond’s Section 3 residents?

Richmond residents who take advantage of public housing or have a household income below the HUD income limits (link to low income limits worksheet/page) are eligible for employment in section 3 projects.

Apply for HUD Funding

Do you qualify? Become a section 3 business.

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