Manchester & Hull Street

Hull Street & Manchester

Richmond: Virginia's Authentic Capital

Located on the South Bank fall line of the James River, just across from downtown's central business district, Manchester was originally an independent city and major seaport until 1920, when it was consolidated into the city of Richmond. Currently experiencing a revitalization and conversion of old warehouses and factories into apartments, offices and retail space, Manchester and it's main thoroughfare, Hull Street, is becomming a hot spot for new development.

Highly Desirable Riverfront Location

The City has recently developed and unveiled its community-led Richmond Riverfront Plan, that places targeted efforts to enhancing access to the riverfront, particularly the south side in Manchester. Learn more.

Unprecedented Growth of Residential & Mixed Use Development

In Manchester and along Hull Street, hundreds of new residential units have been built in the last ten years, attracting a diverse group of new residents that are attracted to adaptively-reused warehouses, proximity to downtown and the edgy, creative neighborhood.

Hotspot for Breweries and Restaurants

With "legendary" breweries along the riverfront such as Legend's Brewery, and new start-ups moving in such as Blue Bee Ciderie, Manchester and Hull Street are attracting new dining options.

Headquarters Locations for Fortune 500's and Start-Ups 

UPS Freight, SunTrust, CRT Tanaka and Tumblr are just some of the big name companies that chose Manchester as their HQ location. This area's urban appeal attracts creative firms in the architecture, information technology and graphic design fields, as well as specialized advanced manufacturing companies. 

Artists Find Ideal Location for Inspiration

Manchester features new artististic spaces such as Plant Zero and Dogtown Dance Theater, converted from old warehouses and schools and redeveloped into creative spaces.

Speciality Shopping Growing

From outdoor antique markets to home furnishings to clothing, Manchester and Hull Street are attracting new retailers who cater to the growing residential population.


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