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Richmond: Virginia's Start-Up Capital

The city of Richmond is becoming well-known as a start-up hot spot, due to its strategic location, low business costs, and well-educated workforce. The Atlantic's recent special report, "Start-Up Nation: The Search for the next Silicon Valley" highlights Richmond as the first city on the tour. Noted as "blossoming into a tech hub thanks to a great research university, a big creative agency, and cheap, beautiful real estate," the article showcase Richmond's start-up potential.

To assist companies in their start-up efforts, the city and its partners offer a wealth of support including:


How do you start a business? The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is the one-stop-shop to learn. The Chamber offers education series, mentorship programs, and contacts to help you get connected. Learn more.


Here at ECD we can assist you with navigating the local and state government systems, including acquiring business licenses and permits. Please contact us to learn more.

Financial Tools

Richmond offers a range of incentives and financial tools that can potentially assist your business and we can connect you with partner organization tools and programs. Click here for details on our programs.

Real Estate

The city offers a wide variety of real estate opportunities and we are able to assist you with researching potential space. To start your search, please click here.


Something that makes us unique is our in-house  Workforce Development Team that specializes in connecting potential employees to employers based on the employers' needs. Learn more.


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