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Department of Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for and dedicated to building the Richmond economy through traditional economic development programs with the goals of encouraging the long-term growth and development of the City of Richmond and maximizing the city's assets and advantages without compromising the health of its neighborhoods and residents..

ECD offers a set of services to businesses interested relocating or expanding in the city of Richmond and sparking growth in strategic commercial corridors and historic neighborhoods. To review our services, please click here or contact us today.

Department of Housing and Community Development

The City of Richmond’s Department of Housing and Community Development's mission is to provide safe, decent and affordable housing working with our non-profit and for profit partners using Federal Entitlement Funds, (Community Development Block Grant and Home Investment Partnership Program) and Affordable Housing Trust Funds targeted to residents most in need; the 80% and below AMI. The Emergency Solutions Grant assists in the prevention and reduction of homelessness.  Housing and counseling services are provided to persons with HIV/AIDS through our Housing Opportunity for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) funding for the Richmond MSA.  HCD’s mission also is to strengthen neighborhoods and communities through business development incorporating a myriad of financial incentives which include the Commercial Area Revitalization (CARE) Program, the Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program, the Citywide Revolving Loan Fund, the Contractor’s Assistance Program (CAP), the Micro Enterprise Loan Program and the Section 108 Loan Fund.

HCD’s commitment is to build strong, thriving, mixed-income Communities made up of healthy neighborhoods and growing businesses.

City of Richmond's Fair Housing Policy:
Click here to view the City's Fair Housing Policy in English.

Política de la Ciudad de Richmond sobre la Equidad en la Vivienda:
Haga clic aqui para ver la Politica de la Ciudad de Richmond sobre la Equidad en la Vivienda, en espanol.

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